Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo

So I downloaded the beta version of Affinity Photo, and since I've been stuck on Photoshop since the dark ages, haven't even heard of Affinity. 

What impressed me to start with are the retouching tools, which are quick and easy to use. Despite the occasional brain freeze on trying to work out layers in Affinity (still haven't figured it out yet) I love the blemish removal brush and paint in brush. Like magic these brushes just pick something and paste it just right onto the spot you wish to make disappear without having to click more than once. Yep, I sound professional. 

Anyway, since it's free and if you can find a minute in your day to download the beta and unfreeze the brain from Photoshop, it is totally worth a try.

If you don't want to do your own retouching, let us know as we can provide that service here as well. Remember you get what you pay for!