In-House Prop Hire

The studio is home to a range of beautiful designer, vintage and contemporary props that have been hand-picked and hand-sourced from all over the world. We have a selection of homewares; from fine china cups and saucers to rustic brass pots, a vast range of coloured seamless backdrops, timber flooring, amazing food backdrops, chairs and stools, and glamorous designer label clothing. 


Blogging is the new glue that keeps the world from becoming unstuck. We keep each other accountable for our actions through blogging. We also inform, update, love, hate, joke and generally share information that would otherwise never reach a wider audience.

Nevertheless, it is a highly competitive world, and one of the secrets to successful blogging and getting the audience you want is to give them the best quality images you can. 

We offer bloggers a special deal, 'cause we want you to blog about the studio as much as possible. So email me: Let me know your blog and what it is you'd like to do e.g: flat lay, lifestyle shots etc and we'll talk about what we can do for each other.

Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo

So I downloaded the beta version of Affinity Photo, and since I've been stuck on Photoshop since the dark ages, haven't even heard of Affinity. 

What impressed me to start with are the retouching tools, which are quick and easy to use. Despite the occasional brain freeze on trying to work out layers in Affinity (still haven't figured it out yet) I love the blemish removal brush and paint in brush. Like magic these brushes just pick something and paste it just right onto the spot you wish to make disappear without having to click more than once. Yep, I sound professional. 

Anyway, since it's free and if you can find a minute in your day to download the beta and unfreeze the brain from Photoshop, it is totally worth a try.

If you don't want to do your own retouching, let us know as we can provide that service here as well. Remember you get what you pay for!

Lookbook Shooting At The Studio


If you are just starting out with your fabulous new clothing range and your budget is tight, for a small fee we will set up your lighting for you ($120 plus GST). Then your cost includes only the studio and equipment. Turn up with your range, model and camera and shoot to your hearts content.

Back On Track

We are open again with the Western side windows beautifully restored. 

Since this is the beginning of a brand spanking new year we are offering a great deal for "frequent users". A virtual loyalty card is on offer that will give you great savings. 

Your Loyalty Card is a virtual card which we keep on our system at the studio.

  • 3 Full Day Bare Bones Hire (3 x 8 hours) or
  • 6 Half Day Bare Bones Hire (6 x 4 hours)
  • 15% off equipment hire
  • 1 free half day hire (4 hours)
  • Seamless Paper Backdrops at 10% discount

Click here to download the fees.

Closing 16 December - 31 January 2015

Sydney Photography Studio is in the iconic Harcourt Business Centre (formerly Leda) and the building has been going through some major renovations. This includes our wonderful 3 x 5 meter iron framed windows.

The windows are what make the studio such a great space and around the January period they are being pulled out to be refurbished and then placed back in. The only negative is that they will be nice and clean and as a photographer I have learnt to love the muted light coming through the dusty windows. But, I'm sure it won't take long for them to dust up, even if I have to get a herd of buffalos to gallop past the building.

So the studio will be closed for all of January and will re-open 1 February. After that we will be repainting some walls and refinishing the unique concrete floor tiles, so we don't have to be so pedantic about black heeled shoes leaving skid marks.

Looking forward to seeing you all back in the new year.


(Studio Chief)